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Newsletters - 2022-2023


November 2022 PTA Meeting

PTA Funded Resources/Trips


September 2022 to August 2023


Tuck Shop Sweets£3.40
My Very First Bible and Prayers Books for Potter Class£24.57
Costco Online Subscription£12.50
Balance of Shooting Stars Entertainments Ltd - Dick Whittington Panto - December 2022£349.50
First News (Newspaper) 6 Copies per week for 38 weeks£329.00
Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (50% contribution)£41.66
Film Night Expenses (1/12/2022)£47.73
Headteacher's Year 3 Panto Trip - Ice Creams and Drinks



Deposit for Shooting Stars Entertainments Ltd - Robin Hood Panto - December 2023£374.50
Accelerated Reader Programme (Additional 20 Pupils)£42.60


September 2021 to August 2022


Jumbo Laundry Bags for Secondhand Uniform


Costco Subscription£12.50
Tuck Shop Sweets£53.56
Shakespeare Class Trip to The British Museum - October 2021£230.00
Film Night Catering - 4th November 2021£26.29
Sweet Bags for Film Night£3.41
Christmas Party Expenses (Food and Santa Gifts)£238.46
First News Newspaper Subscription (One year subscription of 6 copies with effect from September 2021)£323.00
Balance of Shooting Star Entertainments Ltd - Jack and the Beanstalk Panto£26.25
Tuck Shop Sweets£134.29
Candy Bags for Tuck Shop£8.88
Allergen Stamp for Tuck Shop£20.30
Tuck Shop Sweets£7.14
Deposit for Shooting Star Entertainments Ltd - Dick Whittington Panto (Dec 2022)£349.50
Tuck Shop Sweets£5.99
Year 4 Trip to St Paul's Cathedral - June 2022£99.20
Reception Trip to Barleylands - June 2022£133.92
Tuck Shop Sweets£5.99
Accelerated Reader Programme Contribution£1749.75
Sports Day Ice Lollies£18.42



May 2021 to August 2021


Accelerated Reader Programme (Two year subscription with effect from March 2020)£4817.22
First News Newspaper Subscription (One year subscription of 6 copies with effect from September 2020)£305.00
Digital Cameras and San Disks (2) for Potter Class£76.64