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Matching Green C of E (VC) Primary School


What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum here!

A child's school life should be one of the happiest memories that they have.  At Matching Green we believe it is essential to motivate our children by giving them hands on learning experiences.  Due to our small class sizes we are able to recognise the needs and aspirations of all our pupils and provide a rich, varied curriculum which provide opportunities for all pupils to make the best possible progress and attain their highest personal achievement. 


As part of the New National Curriculum, which came into effect in September 2014 the School has developed a two year rolling cycle, which can be found below. 


At Matching Green we follow a creative curriculum, using different books, which enables us to link subjects together.  Our topics all begin with an engaging and inspiring "launch" into the topic, the children then work towards their "landing" at the end of the topic.  We focus on teaching key skills taken from the National Curriculum and give the children exciting topics to engage with and learn through.  The topics we follow are an integral part of the cross curricular links particularly our British Values, ICT and the outside areas.  


Parents are sent a letter at the beginning of every term outlining what their child will be learning. These letters can be found below under each class.  Each class also has a hardcopy of a newsletter sent home on a Friday afternoon.  This newsletter summarises what the children have learnt that week and what learning will take place the week ahead.  During our Sharing Assembly on a Friday children are asked to tell the rest of the school about what they have been learning that week. The class pages on the website are also updated regularly.