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Matching Green C of E (VC) Primary School

Pastoral Care

Children come to school to learn how to get on with each other and be happy in their learning; the school has a strong ethos of caring for and supporting each other. Our PSCHE (personal social, citizenship and health education) programme is strong and includes circle times to increase awareness of issues and provide support.  Inevitably there will be fallings out and misunderstandings, but with parents' help to alert us to anything your child has not told us or we have not identified an issue, we are able to ensure that negativity, low self esteem and in the worst case, bullying does not develop.


Every member of the school team is responsible for your child’s wellbeing. Confidentiality is tightly observed and information is on a "need to know" basis.


The Head Teacher is the Child Protection Officer and Mrs Nunn is the Deputy CP Officer.  The school has a pastoral system of flagging up children’s welfare which allows staff to be aware where support is needed and specific plans to be put in place as needed.  Your first contact is the Class Teacher, who informs the Head Teacher, but you may wish to contact the Head Teacher directly.


We are able to access Relate Counselling and connect with other outside agencies to provide support.