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Parent/Carer Workshops

Phonics Workshops 


Please join us for our phonics workshops led by Mrs Nunn on the following dates:


Tuesday 18th September Year 1 Parents 2.30pm


Friday 28th September Reception Parents 2.30pm

Two Johns E-Safety Workshop  March 2017

Thank you to all those parents that attended the e-safety workshop last week which appears to have had a real impact on children and parents alike.

Here is some of the children’s comments:


“The work shop helped me by telling me safe games” Year 5


“I recommend the 2 Johns because they really helped me understand what apps are BAD and not SAFE but also the good and safe apps” Year 6


“The workshop was good and I learnt that I wouldn’t just go on games and chat to random people” Year 5


“I recommend the workshop because they taught me to be safe online and be private” Year 6


“I recommend the 2 Johns workshop because they tackled through safe and unsafe games and some games I didn’t even know were unsafe like roblox”  Year 5


And from the parents…..


“It was incredible, they presented a front page of an Ipad with maybe 20 icons on, most parents recognised one or two, we were amazed when they told us that our children had recognised them all!  Parents started checking their phones and saw that they were there.  It has totally changed what I do online and how I deal with my children’s access to apps”  Parent of Year 3 & Year 5 children.


 “The Two Johns introduced us to the dangers that our children are faced with - unknowingly - on their games, photos, iPads, playstations - which was not only a massive eye opener to all of us who was there, but as parents, it will make us more vigilant on what are children are doing on their games and with who...! Thinking about how easy it is for 'strangers' to access the games YOUR children play on, their lives and their home and how information is shared across the internet, was frightening.

It's hard not to let fear take control and to dictate how we deal with these issues to our children...but from listening to The Two Johns they gave me so much insight and a better understanding.” Parent of Year 1, Year 4 & pre- school.

Be aware of these apps and games: MUSIC LY, LIVE LY, ROBLOX, SNAPCHAT, INSTAGRAM, CLASH OF CLANS, OMEGAL, POKEMON GO, TWITCH, make sure you child turns location services off

“Brilliant, very informative, well presented and opened my eyes to online safety” Parent of Year 3, 7 & 8”


Parent/Carer workshops are a way for the school to communicate with you about changes to the curriculum, the ways that we teach at Matching Green and how you can support your child at home. They are also an opportunity for us to share any new information with you that we feel is important for you to hear.  The school welcomes any suggestions for workshops that you would like the school to hold so please do come and speak to us.  

Phonics at Matching Green 


At Matching Green School we teach phonics through a systematic programme using the Jolly Phonics actions, letters & sounds program, correct terminology and more importantly the correct pronunciation of sounds. Below are some of the links that we use apps on Ipads and tablets to reinforce learning.  These are also available for parents to access to help you support at home and provide you with some further information.  





  • Mr Thorne does Phonics: Letters and Sounds
  • Pocket Phonics
  • Phonics Genius
  • Kids ABC Phonics
  • Phonics Vowels

Websites that provide updated information