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Matching Green C of E (VC) Primary School

Our Ethos

Our Ethos

We are a Church of England School where our pupils learn within a Christian environment, developing an understanding of the values and teachings of the church, as well as a knowledge and respect for all religions, faiths and cultures.  


Working closely with parents, governors and the wider community, we provide a caring and happy environment where every child matters and where all children will be nurtured and guided to develop a thirst for learning.


Our school is an inclusive school and offers to meet the needs of all pupils and their families, including those with special educational needs.  We have a shared expectation that all pupils, regardless of their special education needs, should be offered inclusive teaching which will enable them to make the best possible progress in school, enabling them to reach their full potential and ensuring they understand that they are a valued member of the school community. The range of support the school can offer will be tailored to individual need following on from assessments by internal and/or external agencies.  


At Matching Green we strive to always be learning, achieving and growing.